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Have Fun in Taikoo and Cityplaza

Plan Your Day

Stay happy, stay inspired! Discover endless joy and happiness at Cityplaza! Whether you’re feasting with the family, going on a shopping spree with your besties, or enjoying some solo chill-out time, you'll have a great time here.

Exploring New Eateries around Taikoo

The Taikoo community is full of popular Michelin restaurants, specialty cafés, and international delicacies you simply have to experience. Whatever your style, look no further – Cityplaza has it all.

Shake Up Your Style for Office

Spring is blooming, so check out the newest fashion and trends for the season to incorporate some of those lively colours into your own look, for a touch of bold and confident charm.

City Step-Out

Relax and boost your mood by getting outside for a nature hike. Chill out with a pleasant stroll through the scenery of Hong Kong Island. 

Live with British grace and poise

Add a touch of English taste at Cityplaza with apparel, accessories, skincare products and even themed knick-knacks, to live better instead of chasing trends.

Embrace healthy living

The key to living life to its fullest is staying healthy. Take care of yourself from the inside out, so you can enjoy every joyful moment life offers.

French Pleasure

The elegance and romance of the French lifestyle is rooted in slow living, a mindset that embraces living sincerely and in the now. 

Light up your living space

Home is a place for comfort and intimacy. Add your colours to create a unique space showcasing your sense of taste, where you can enjoy me-time in pure pleasure. 

Life+Style: Add Japanese style to your life

From traditional Japanese cultural goods and trendy items to deliciously authentic dishes, explore the Japanese lifestyle to discover wonderful surprises for your daily life.

Best bestie time!

Hanging out with friends makes everything so much more fun – whether it's just having a simple meal, chatting about nothing at all, or doing some window shopping, you will have a pleasant time. Here at Cityplaza, you have all the hangout space you need to dine, shop, and have fun with your friends!

It's family day!

Weekends and holidays are saved for the family. Plan for a delicious meal out or a cheerful mall adventure. Just remember to give yourself enough time to be sure everyone can recharge and enjoy themselves.

Let's call it a date

Mall dates can work out pretty well – if you know where to look! Go on a fun and romantic date at Cityplaza for a world of entertainment, dining, shopping and Instagrammable experiences!

Slow down and enjoy life

Rest isn't idleness or time-wasting, but a form of meditation that helps you grow and become stronger. Let’s get into the practice of resting, shall we?
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