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Exploring New Eateries around Taikoo

Cityplaza sits in a neighbourhood thriving with art, leisure, and creative spaces, as well as a hotspot for dining in the Eastern District. Comprised of Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing and Taikoo Place, the Taikoo community is full of popular Michelin restaurants, specialty cafés, and international delicacies you simply have to experience. 


Popular delicacies around every corner

The Taikoo community offers countless culinary treats, from gourmet restaurants, trendy joints and even a Michelin-starred yum cha spot. At every turn, there is a restaurant you’ll want to try!

Mouthwateringly Singaporean delicacies!

There are four Michelin-recommended Singaporean restaurants in Cityplaza alone. The popular Tian Tian Authentic offers Hainanese chicken rice, traditional coffee and milk tea, mixed Japanese ramen, and Cantonese noodles. Even Gordon Ramsey praised its Hainanese Chicken!


For the ramen lovers...

Straight from Osaka to Hong Kong, the ultra-thick chicken broth ramen of Japan's super-popular Zagin Soba in Taikoo Shing will satisfy the appetite of all ramen lovers! Whether you prefer tsukemen (dipping noodles) or soup noodles, the rich, "bubbly" white chicken broth brings out layers of flavors in just one bite.


Some coffee and tea?

With all the delicious options in the Taikoo Community, you don’t have to travel far or wait long for gourmet treats. Often called the best yum cha place in Kwun Tong, Dim Sum Workshop by CaterKing in Cityplaza serves up incredible tea along with its famous large-grain siumai. Just thirsty? Try THE MATCHA TOKYO in the mall too, and watch the resident tea master make a soothing tea for you on the spot. For coffee lovers, Taikoo Place’s FINEPRINT is the place to be. They even blend their coffee beans on-site to create the taste that suits you best!

Find a tasteful balance to life

We all want a better quality of life, and flavour is an intrinsic part of finding that perfect balance for mind, body and soul. You might work up a sweat before going out for brunch, treat yourself to a sumptuous coffee watching a movie, or take in an exhibition followed by drinks.

Quality in Motion

JOMO stands for the joy of missing out, but you won’t miss a thing at JOMO Taikoo Shing. Here, comfortable dine-in spaces invite you to relax physically and mentally over a marvelous brunch, while an energetic fitness area is the perfect environment for you to break a sweat and let those exercise endorphins bring you calm.


Experience urban culture

house by kubrick brings the urban culture of the Taikoo community to Cityplaza. This chic coffee shop sits alongside a cinema and art space, offering exquisite hand–dripped coffee and light snacks that you can take into the theatre. The exhibition space regularly hosts cultural and creative exhibitions, creating a full-on artsy atmosphere for you to indulge in.


Enjoy a healthy little treat

Treat your palate and your metabolism with an antioxidant-rich light meal that fits into your busy schedule. After an easy stroll through the community or catching a film, stop by Cityplaza’s health-oriented takeaway outlet FOODBOX, sit down for some Western food at HAND3AG the table in Taikoo Shing, or select the perfect dessert at plant-based bakery MAYA Bakery and Bar in Taikoo Place. Each offers high-quality salad menus, too. With so much to choose from, you’re sure to find what you’re craving!

Live your day by teatime

Cityplaza and its surroundings have become the hippest spot in town for coffee, tea, and cake! Whether you want something to ‘grab’n’go’ on a workday morning or intend to take your time with a cup of coffee on a relaxing weekend, the Taikoo community is full of unique tastes that will elevate your coffee and tea experience!

If you want the best, beat the rest

At Baker by Lubuds in Cityplaza, celebrated chef Stephen So combines Western and Japanese baking styles to create artisanal delights. Their hottest item is the reimagined Pastel de Nata, a Portuguese pastry which sells out almost as quickly as they hit the shelves. You’ll have to be early if you want a taste of this rare treat.


Follow sweets with tasty hand-whisked tea

COMEBUYTEA has been part of Taiwan's tea industry for over a century, and offer hand-whisked drinks made from freshly ground tea leaves. Rest with a fragrant Guava Oolong with Konjac Jelly to refuel for your next stop at Cityplaza on your culinary exploration.


...and a plethora of themed cafes

Slow down and finish the day with a cup of great coffee, or even a themed experience. How about the Black Bear special at the Japanese-style Café Black Bear at Taikoo Shing, or the exotic African mudstone interiors of Alchemy Origin at Taikoo Place, as you explore coffees from around the world. If you still have room for sweets, Pandan Man also at Taikoo Place awaits with black sesame pandan cake in a rich and creamy black sesame sauce. The incomparable taste is the perfect finishing touch on a day full of flavour!

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