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It's family day!

Weekends and holidays are saved for the family. Plan your day just to make sure everyone has got all the time their need to recharge themselves.

Shopping for daily necessities

The popular Japanese department store APITA and other home appliance shops in Cityplaza carry just about every product you need in life.

Take the leash off!

Kids seem to have an endless amount of energy. Sometimes, we need to just let them loose to run around and play. Discover places with them, have fun, and enjoy the time!

ABC Cooking, Cooking school in Cityplaza
ABC Cooking Studio offers you a fully-equipped and spacious kitchen where kids can have so much fun cooking with their parents.
Jumpin Gym is an indoor playground bringing families all sorts of amusement rides and carnival games.
Located right next to Cityplaza, the beloved outdoor playground sits in the middle of Quarry Bay Park Phase 1. Your kids can have some of their greatest adventures there.
Ice skating is not just fun – it also helps kids develop their balance and motor skills. Cityplaza Ice Palace Skating School offers multi-level ice skating courses as a nice extra-curricular activity for children.

Bon appétit!

A hearty laugh is probably one of the best ingredients you can have at the table. We have a great range of family-friendly restaurants – Western, foreign, and Chinese – inside the mall.

Free parking tips

Family day tip 101: DRIVE. Take advantage of the free parking at Cityplaza and enjoy the rest of the day.

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