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Light up your living space

Home is a place for comfort and intimacy. Add your colours to create a unique space showcasing your sense of taste, where you can enjoy me-time in pure pleasure. 

Explore decoration inspirations

Your home’s interior decor should be a reflection of what you want out of life. Visit Cityplaza to discover a wide variety of trendy furnishings and accessories and find inspiration to infuse your personal space with aspirational style.

Make home cooking fun

More time at home means more opportunities to expand your cooking skills. At Cityplaza, you’ll find an abundance of fresh ingredients, organic foods and more, so you can experiment to your heart’s content and create delicious homemade Eastern and Western dishes.
APITA imports quality food, seasonings and cooking tools from Japan and around the world, to meet all your culinary needs.
izzue market provides fresh seasonal fruits and healthy organic products so you can enjoy the taste of freshness.
From premium chilled meats and British ready-to-eat meals to special sauces and award-winning wines, M&S Food has everything you’re craving.

Embrace your private time

After a busy day at work, you can finally relax and enjoy some me-time. Chill out with smart home appliances that can help you unwind and live at your own pace.
Broadway introduces home appliance, digital and audio-visual brands that help you live better through the latest technology trends.
Fortress offers popular drones, action camcorders and home gym equipment, including a smart home automation zone to help you upgrade your own space with intelligent features.
OGAWA has a range of massage products and health services that provide a relaxing professional-grade experience in the privacy of your own home.
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