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2/F, 207
2427 7088
Opening hours
Monday – Sunday
10:30 – 20:30

The GEOX Group specializes in classical and casual footwear for men, women and children, and also operates in the outwear sector. The extraordinary success of GEOX’s footwear and clothing is underpinned by technology protected by as many as 40 different patents and 25 more recent patent applications. The name GEOX combines the Ancient Greek word Geo, meaning Earth, and the letter X, the symbol of technology. From the beginning this name has encapsulated GEOX’s commitment to searching for technological innovation that promotes personal well-being while respecting the planet. Sustainable development and environmental protection is the core concept of GEOX, we are increasingly opting for production methods and materials that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In future, GEOX keeps promoting the concept of sustainability and favors sustainable mobility choices that can reduce environmental impact and help the Planet breathe.



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