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Fuel Espresso

Opening hours
Monday - Friday
08:00 - 17:30
Fuel Espresso is a quality-obsessed espresso company. Our baristas’ coffee palates are trained to recognise and reject anything short of perfect, and are supported by a meticulous global supply chain. Our coffee beans are personally sourced after an extensive tasting evaluation by our Master Roaster from individual plantation blocks on three continents, and blended in a style designed by the world’s leading coffee blenders in Trieste, Italy. We roast small batches of our two blends and single origins in ideal atmospheric conditions in the world’s purest air in Wellington, New Zealand. Each individual batch is aged in a controlled environment until the flavours of the roasted beans are at the peak, then airfreighted weekly to Hong Kong where they are made by your barista into your cup of perfect espresso.


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