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Cityplaza Ice Palace Pins for Charity Sale

My Ice Buddy

Skating is more fun when you have friends playing together, Ice Palace held "My Ice Buddy Drawing Contest" to find out their ice-skating friend in kids’ mind. Now, the top 3 Ice Buddy turned into pins and can't wait to meet you!

In order to support kids' art and culture development, all proceeds from the pins sale will be donated without cost deduction to Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (BOKSS). For each pin sold, Cityplaza will donate $10 to give a hand to the children in need.

Venue: Shop 131,  Ice Palace Skate Shop

Ice Buddy name: Ice Cherry (By Ng Park Yan 7 years old)
Ice Buddy name: Spicy Monster (By 發包 6 years old)
Ice Buddy name: 晶晶 (By Angie Wong Yu Ting 9 years old)

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