• Event Title: Important Notice

Response in regard to the handling of public activities at Cityplaza on

3 November and 4 November

In response to enquiries from the general public regarding our handling of the public activities on 3 November and 4 November, please find below our response:

Public Activity On 3 November (Sunday)

  • On 3 Nov, Cityplaza noticed from social media platforms that there would be a public activity at the Mall that evening. In light of this, extra manpower was deployed to maintain and manage the Mall in an orderly manner, and we were prepared to implement further access control measures if necessary.

  • At 6:15 pm on 3 Nov, a group of riot police officers entered Cityplaza without prior notification to the Mall’s management team.  The Mall did not call the Police . Our staff approached the Police to understand the reason they were entering the Mall, which is our usual protocol. However, the on-site police officers did not respond to our enquiries, and ordered us not to obstruct their duties, which we adhered to.

  • At around 7 pm, a confrontation and physical altercation occurred outside Cityplaza which caused some people to be injured; we therefore called 999 to request for an ambulance.

  • Due to safety concerns, the Mall was closed early and access control measures were implemented. At around 8 pm that night, a group of riot police officers wanted to enter the Mall from the 1/F entrance via the footbridge linking to Yen Kung Mansion of Taikoo Shing. In response to our enquiry, the officers stated that there were already officers inside the Mall who needed their support. The officers also stated that if our Building Management staff refused to open the doors, our staff would be charged with obstructing the Police from carrying out their duties. 

  • Cityplaza contacted the Police Force on 4 Nov to further understand the incident on 3 Nov, and was advised that the Police entered Cityplaza on 3 Nov upon receiving a call from a citizen earlier that day. However, no further information was provided by the Police. We also noted from the Police press conference, which was broadcasted live online on Monday, 4 Nov, that officers entered the Mall to handle a case of vandalism at an F&B outlet at Cityplaza.

Public Activity on 4 November (Monday)

  • On Monday, 4 November, at about 8 pm, around 100 people gathered at the customer service counter on 2/F of Cityplaza, demanding an explanation of the incident on 3 Nov from the Mall’s Building Management staff.

  • At around 9 pm on 4 Nov, our Building Management staff noticed that a group of riot police officers were attempting to enter the Mall via the entrance facing Taikoo Wan Road. When our staff tried to enquire why the Police were entering the Mall, the Police responded that another group of police officers had already entered the Mall via the passageway connecting Exit E of Tai Koo MTR station. Cityplaza would like to reiterate that the Mall did not call the Police on the night of 4 Nov. Due to safety concerns, the Mall announced an early closure, with the glass doors being locked progressively.  

  • That same evening, our Assistant Building Manager requested to speak to the onsite Police commander to understand why the Police were entering the Mall. An onsite police officer suggested that we check with the Police Public Relations Branch.

  • On the next day, 5 Nov, we contacted the Police Force. In response to our enquiry, the Police Force stated, “regarding the incident around 9:45 pm on 4 Nov, Police arrived on scene to handle the situation and make an arrest, as there was a crime outside a shop at Cityplaza.  When carrying out the arrest, the crowd became ‘rowdy’ and surrounded police officers. In view of this emergency situation, uniformed police officers arrived at the scene via the Mall and Taikoo Wan Road to support and manage the crime scene. Police left the scene immediately after handling the situation.”

Our Procedures On Handling Police Entry

  • As a shopping mall operator, we must abide by the relevant laws. According to the guidelines issued by The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies [in October 2019], which quoted sections 50(3), 50(4) and 50(5) of the Police Force Ordinance, the Association appealed to all its member companies to make appropriate arrangements in accordance with their company policies, individual property’s land lease, deed of mutual covenant and relevant legal provisions.

  • The Hong Kong Police Force has also reiterated on several occasions that the Police Force Ordinance empowers the Police to enter private premises to search and make arrests, without a warrant.

  • On the other hand, if our staff from the Mall obstructs the Police from carrying out their duties, our staff may be charged with an offence. The legal advice we have received in this regard is in line with the Association’s guidelines and the explanation from the Hong Kong Police Force.

  • In regard to our procedures in handling Police entry to our premises, generally, in a non-emergency situation, the Police will alert our Building Management staff ahead of time if they need to enter the Mall to conduct an investigation. Our procedure is to request their reason(s) for entering the Mall, in order to evaluate any safety issues or impact on our visitors at the Mall. 

  • In an emergency situation, or in response to a 999 call, referring to the above, the Police are not obliged to inform us beforehand.

Our Frontline Colleagues Did Their Best To Handle Emergency Situations

  • Cityplaza regrets the incidents that occurred on Sunday, 3 November and Monday, 4 November. The Mall issued a statement on the night of 3 November to condemn all acts of violence and any unlawful activities. Our thoughts are with the injured at this time.

  • As shopping mall operator, we are committed to ensuring that the mall is operated in a safe and orderly manner, while at the same time we have a responsibility to ensure the personal safety of our staff.

  • We understand the concerns from the public. Please understand that we are facing very frequent public events and intense situations, and our frontline Building management staff are doing their best to maintain safety and order in the Mall. During the altercation on 3 Nov, our Building Management staff did their utmost to separate the crowds. On the same evening, due to safety concerns, the Management team also made the decision to close the Mall early, in order to reduce the chances that other shoppers would be affected.

  • On the other hand, Cityplaza regrets that the personal details of some of our staff, who were involved in handling the above incident, were disclosed illegally. We would like to appeal to everyone to stay rational, and not target any of our staff.