Cuisine Chinese Treasures
Location Taikoo Shing, Chi Sing Mansion
Telephone (852) 2886 9636

(opens on Jan 30)

Dimpot introduces its first Bincho-tan (also called white charcoal) baked clay pot rice. The white charcoal features strong but stable fire that not only helps to lock in the flavours and juices of food during the cooking process, but also ensures that each grain of rice can be heated evenly, emulsifying the rice with an intense charcoal flavour as well as creating a crispy layer of rice crust. Apart from our popular classic clay pot rice, we bring innovative toppings, including Sabah giant groupers, sakura shrimps with cheese and golden oysters, as well as sea urchin and Angus beef. Such delicacies, together with various home-made exquisite dimsums, clay pot dishes, Chinese stewed soup selections are welcomed by youth and small families.