• Offer Title: Free Parking
  • Location: Cityplaza
  • Enquiry: (852) 2568 8665

Spend HK$350 or above in any shops# at Cityplaza, or any Food & Beverage outlets at Taikoo Shing and EAST Hong Kong, and enjoy three hours of free parkingat Cityplaza Car Park or five hours free parking* at Sing Fai Terrace (Stage X) Car Park.

#Excluding Chiuchow Garden, Jade Garden, Challenger, Phillip Wain, Travel Services and bank merchants.

*All eligible machine-printed electronic payment slips must be same day, single transaction and clearly indicate the date of issue, merchant’s name, spending content and payment method. To redeem the offer, customers must present the eligible machine-printed receipts and the customer’s corresponding electronic payment slips on the day of purchase, together with the Octopus card or credit card used for parking entry on the same day.

*This free parking offer is valid ONLY for electronic payments

*Other modes of payments, including cash, cash coupon, merchant’s membership card and merchant stored-value cards, charge cards will NOT be accepted.

*The following will NOT be accepted for redemption purposes: cancelled, refunded, forged, fraudulent or unsettled transactions, handwritten receipts, standalone credit card receipts, reprinted or photocopied receipts, damaged receipts, purchases of cash coupons, gift vouchers, gift cards, value cards and Jumpin Gym USA tokens, or receipts for bill payments, value added to store-value cards, membership fees, tuition fees (including ABC Cooking Studio & Ice Palace Skate School), stamp purchases, banks, and Cityplaza parking fees.

*Terms & Conditions apply, please click here for details.

Redemption venues and opening hours+

Cityplaza Customer Service Counter, 2/F 10:30 – 21:00

Cityplaza Parking Redemption Counter, B2 08:00 – 24:00

(Redemption for Free Parking at Cityplaza Car Park Only)

Sing Fai Terrace (Stage X) Car Park Shroff Office 08:00 – 24:00

(Redemption for Free Parking at Sing Fai Terrace (Stage X) Car Park only)

+Subject to drive-in time (08:00 - 23:59)

Applicable Car Parks

Cityplaza Car Park 

Hourly Parking Fee: HK$21 per hour or part thereof


Sing Fai Terrace (Stage X) Car Park 

Hourly Parking Fee: HK$19 per hour or part thereof

  • Offer Title: ‘Springtime Happiness’ Shopping Rewards
  • Offer Period: 2020.01.10 - 2020.01.24
  • Location: New Year Gift Redemption Counter, East Bridge, 2/F (near CIAK - All Day Italian)
  • Enquiry: (852) 2568 8665

Spend the designated amount# by electronic payment at Cityplaza*, and become a LIVE+ member or present your LIVE+ membership card@ to redeem a "Happy e-Stamp(s)" that will entitle you to enjoy the following rewards^:

Spending Tier#


$1,200 or above

(Limited to single original receipt)

-   2 sets of Cityplaza x Coca-Cola® red packets

(out of stock)

$5,000 or above

(Limited to maximum of two sets of original receipt)

-   2 sets of Cityplaza x Coca-Cola® red packets

-   2 MOViE MOViE Cityplaza Ticket Exchange Coupons

$8,000 or above

(Limited to maximum of two sets of original receipt)

-   4 sets of Cityplaza x Coca-Cola® red packets

-   APITA Gift of Fortune Gift Set

(Running short)

Please click here for MORE DETAILS 

Redemption Date & Time: 
10/1 - 24/1 (11am - 8pm) or while stocks last

Redemption Venue: 
New Year Gift Redemption Counter, East Bridge, 2/F (near CIAK - All Day Italian)

*#+^ Terms and conditions apply.

  • Offer Title: Cityplaza x Coca-Cola® Lucky Red New Year
  • Offer Period: 2020.01.10 - 2020.02.19
  • Location: 2/F Atrium & Centre Bridge
  • Enquiry: (852) 2568 8665

Want to gather some luck this Chinese New Year? Come to Cityplaza and take part in our  ‘Lucky Red Symbols Collection’. Collect all five of our lucky red symbols representing: Relationships, Family, Health, Success, and Wealth; and you’ll be bound for an auspicious new year ahead!

A Year Filled with Love

Happiness for the Whole Family

Beat it to Good Health

Look Out for Success

Wealth Within Grasp

Luck in a Bottle

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep luck in a bottle? Design your very own Coca Cola® bottle of luck, place all your wishes and blessings onto it, and it will bring good fortune to you and your loved ones in the new year!

® Can Upcycling Workshop

Whenever a Coca Cola® can is thrown away, it’s a terrible waste for you and for the environment!

From 10 January 2020, spend HK$600 or more by electronic payment in same-day single transaction at  Cityplaza designated merchants# and subscribe Cityplaza e-Newsletter to register for our ‘Coca-Cola® Can Upcycling Workshop’*! Use your creativity and transform used Coca Cola® cans into lucky charms that bestows blessings to you and to the environment!

Workshop schedule:

17/1 (Fri): 6pm – 7pm

18/1 (Sat): 2pm – 3pm & 4pm – 5pm

19/1 (Sun): 2pm – 3pm & 3pm – 4pm

22,23,24/1 (Wed, Thur, Fri): 6-7pm

Workshop Location: Activity Area, G/F

Registration Location: Customer Service Centre, 2/F

Registration Time:11:30am - 9pm

#"Designated merchants in Cityplaza" excludes Jade Garden, Chiuchow Garden, Phillip Wain, Challenger and travel agencies.

*Seats are limited, first come first served. Terms and conditions apply.